The top source of videos for skiing enthusiasts and even for beginners or those who just want to learn about skiing.

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the top source of videos for skiing enthusiasts and even for beginners or those who just want to learn about skiing.

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Powderwhore offers different types of videos, for enthusiasts, we offer videos that showcases all the different types of skiing. These videos are recommended especially for those who take it up as a sport as we make videos of competitions. These videos are a great way for enthusiasts and athletes to study the sport and learn how to get ahead of the competition. Meanwhile, beginners can also watch our competitive videos or they can choose to watch our documentary-type videos, perfect for those who just want to understand the sport or to learn how to start to be a skier.

Types of skiing
The videos that we offer here are according to the different types of skiing. We have the following:

Nordic skiing
This refers to cross country skiing or even ski jumping. This particular type of skiing makes use of bindings attached to the boots of a skier. This is also done in backcountry areas, especially the undeveloped ones, perfect for adventurous types. This is the type of skiing that involves a lot of ski jumps, that is why very athletic and adventurous types like it.

The videos that we offer here provide different backdrops, of varying difficulties. These are good for those who are enthusiasts who want to understand the complexities of skiing in difficult areas.

Telemark skiing
This is quite similar to the Nordic type of skiing although this one is named after Telemark, a region of Norway. In this case, the ski bindings are attached at the toe of the ski boots in order to enable the skier to navigate turns by raising his or her heels. This is also recommended for adventurous types and the videos that we have of them here are perfect for those who want to enter competitions or who want to navigate difficult terrain.

Alpine skiing
This is the regular type of skiing that is usually done at a ski resort. The difference of this type of skiing is that the bindings are attached to both the toes and heels of the boot. The videos that we have here of alpine skiing feature different types of difficulties. We even have videos here of alpine night skiing, apres-ski and glade skiing.

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