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Thank You UDOT


It’s probably been 5 years since I have been a part of the group breaking trail up Flagstaff. It’s the most popular trail head in the Wasatch and those pesky dawn patrollers always take the honor of putting in the skin. So when we showed up at 10am and it had snowed 15″, I thought it was a optical illusion since no skin track was in sight. I guess we need to thank UDOT for closing the road for avalanche control that morning and keeping the dawn patrollers and apparently everyone else away.

Jake Sakson leading the break up Flagstaff.

Jake dropping in.

We have come to realize that it’s not all that important what’s on our feet, as it is who we go out with. So our good friend Dylan Freed joined us for the day. He is an alpine skier, as well as a guide, and an all around good guy.

Dylan surveying all the pow.

I was surprised as much as you to see some soul in an alpine turn.

Noah Howell getting deep, as he does so often.

Andy Jacobsen let me shoot this one while he enjoyed the goods. All the rest of the photos are shot by Andy.

Jake coming down with a never ending contrail.

Noah is 6'2'' and the snow is up around his shoulders.

Jake soul sliding.

Noah and I discussing the next shot.

Noah doing exactly what I had just told him.

When everything comes together it's pretty amazing. Noah Howell.

Noah adding to his snow beard each run.

Not a cloud in the sky. Jake Sakson.

Jake in awe of the day.

What can you say about this? Noah Howell.

After several laps we decided to bail.

Dylan didn't want to be seen with a bunch of dirty hippies so he headed down to the car as far away from us as possible.

Good times!

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