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Breaking Trail


Last season Utah’s Wasatch Mountains and most of North America
experienced a record breaking doozie, making our never ending mission to
flatten as many snowflakes as possible almost easy. We estimate the number
of crystals crushed to be somewhere in the trillions. If you’ve had the
extreme pleasure of viewing one of our previous films, then the obscene
display of exploding snow will be nothing new.

On closer inspection you will notice that Powderwhore is no longer
focusing primarily on the telemark turn. BREAKING TRAIL will highlight
riders of all disciplines choosing their own backcountry adventures.

Warning! There are no shots of helicopters filming other
helicopters or hankie-clad 16-year-olds hepped up on energy drinks
spinning to rap music. And you won’t win a Jeep if you come out to a
premiere. You will find a mixed bag of highly talented and dedicated
individuals who enjoy hiking out into the unknown in search of turns
and adventure. All this captured by two video hacks carrying as little as
necessary in order to travel fast and light.

Just as videos fall short of delivering the true mountain experience,
our words come up short in describing our latest creation. Check out the
BREAKING TRAIL trailer for a hint of what’s in store.

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