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Lone Peak Celebration


Lovers of the Wasatch and it’s backcountry unite and support Save Our Canyons and their diligence in preserving these incredible mountains! Come on out to the 12th annual Lone Peak Celebration and give back to the organization that has give so much. See you there!

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We have been wanting to go to Japan to film for awhile now but because of the cost and the pretty reliable deep pow we get in Utah we thought it didn’t make sense. December passed by and the snow in Utah was not so deep. Then January was coming to a close and Utah still wasn’t seeing it’s normal dumps. So we assembled a crew and headed to Japan to get us some pow.

The crew from left to right- Megan Michelson, Eric Balken, Will Cardamone and Dan Abrams

The Crew from Left to Right-

Megan Michelson, Eric Balken, Will Cardamone and Dan Abrams


We chose the island of Hokkaido because Will had been there before. This cabin was our home for the first week of the trip.


We were not sure why so many people wore masks but we didn’t want to stick out as dumb Americans so we just went with it.


We toured everyday even though we were staying at the base of a ski resort.


Megan skiing pow but dreaming about eating all the Seicomart snacks in her backpack.


Will getting another face shot but wishing he were in an onsen.


You hear about the pow skiing in Japan but it really has so much more to offer.


No matter how much Sake and Asahi you drink do not eat the entire raw prawn. We learned the hard way.


Dan ripping through the trees.


Megan enjoying sun and pow. It was oddly sunny pretty much everyday the first week we were there. It wasn’t what we were expecting but it made it so we could really check out a bunch of terrain and ski some longer lines.


Eric Balken getting after it.


Dan and Megan had to leave early but as they left the snow came.


The above photos need no words. It was that good. Needless to say we now have an epic pow segment. Japan is truly a special place.

Thank you to Jay Beyer for all the amazing photos.





2014 Film Presented by Voile


We’re proud to announce that we are making another film and that it will be presented again by our friends at Voile Manufacturing. When selling your soul it’s best to do so to a local company that you know will take good care of it.


We’ve had good fun working with the crew at Voile, mostly because they laugh at our bad ideas and even let us follow through with some of them. Here is a fun branding vid that we created to play with their name and clear up just what VOILE means.

YouTube Preview Image

And with the extreme growth of splitboarding they wanted an “educational” piece for those that don’t understand “How A Splitboard Works”.

YouTube Preview Image

In a year of thin and dangerous snowpacks it’s nice to have the ability to travel and find something else. Many thanks to Voile for making great gear, trusting us with their brand and in supporting our latest film!