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Cardiac Ridge


As the sun rose so did we, on our way to ski cardiac ridge.

Noah Howell and Paul Kimbrough heading to the ridge.

Jason West making the last push to the top.

Jason dropping into a line we call Victoria's secret, because snowboarder Victoria Jealouse crushed the line in a movie awhile ago. Jason had never skied the line, so he was psyched to give it a go.

Jason making it look easy.

Jason safely out and cruising through the apron.

Andy Jacobsen was up next and while on top of the ridge he got a cornice to release unintentionally and it ripped down what Jason just skied leaving only rock.

It ran all the way to the apron. After almost falling down with the cornice Andy was up next and killed the line lookers right of the debris.

Paul was next and chose a line none of us had ever seen skied before.

Paul getting through the pepper and into the apron.

Paul psyched on the day and conditions.

Jason coming out of Thunderstruck.

Paul getting a little air in his next line. We skied almost every possible line on the ridge and then the clouds rolled in so we called it a day. We have probably had at least one line from Cardiac in every one of our movies. It's just one of those zones that calls your name no matter how many times you've done it.

All photos taken by Andy Jacobsen.


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Forrest Shearer


We met Forrest Shearer at the Backcountry Film Festival here in Utah and asked if he’d like to get out with us this winter. Not really expecting to hear from him since he’s pretty busy with other projects, we were¬† surprised and psyched to get a call from him last week. He picked a good time to call because conditions were good.

Forrest getting a little night pow.

Forrest was in TGR’s “Deeper” and has been filming with Sweetgrass Productions for their next flick “Solitaire”.

He's been tearing up the backcountry here in the Wasatch for about 10 years.

Forrest tits deep in the powder.

Clearly tele skiers are not the only Powderwhores.

Yes the snow was that tasty.

We are excited to keep getting out with Forrest.

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Making Changes


We at Powderwhore have decided to make a backcountry movie this year instead of a telemark-specific movie. Don’t get your knee pads in a bind, we will still have the best knee droppers on the planet in our flick. But we are first and foremost backcountry skiers, and we don’t really care what’s on your feet.¬† I know what you’re probably thinking: We’re selling out, trying to get a larger audience, becoming more mainstream. That’s simply not the case. We felt like we made the best telemark movie we could last year — it was everything we wanted in a tele flick. So having done that, we are ready to do something different. We’ve been getting more into ski mountaineering and we’ve found AT gear to be our preference in such terrain. Making a ski mountaineering/telemark movie seemed weird, so we are calling it a backcountry movie and focusing on the thrill of exploring snow-covered mountains on any type of gear. We feel we excel in creating a fun and entertaining flick and we have every intention of continuing to do that. We hope we don’t lose our die-hard followers because of this decision, but we felt we needed to do something new. We started PW because we were passionate about the mountains and above all else, we are keeping that as our main motivation.

Whether you Telemark,

use AT gear,

or splitboard, we are all Powderwhores.

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