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Making Changes


We at Powderwhore have decided to make a backcountry movie this year instead of a telemark-specific movie. Don’t get your knee pads in a bind, we will still have the best knee droppers on the planet in our flick. But we are first and foremost backcountry skiers, and we don’t really care what’s on your feet.  I know what you’re probably thinking: We’re selling out, trying to get a larger audience, becoming more mainstream. That’s simply not the case. We felt like we made the best telemark movie we could last year — it was everything we wanted in a tele flick. So having done that, we are ready to do something different. We’ve been getting more into ski mountaineering and we’ve found AT gear to be our preference in such terrain. Making a ski mountaineering/telemark movie seemed weird, so we are calling it a backcountry movie and focusing on the thrill of exploring snow-covered mountains on any type of gear. We feel we excel in creating a fun and entertaining flick and we have every intention of continuing to do that. We hope we don’t lose our die-hard followers because of this decision, but we felt we needed to do something new. We started PW because we were passionate about the mountains and above all else, we are keeping that as our main motivation.

Whether you Telemark,

use AT gear,

or splitboard, we are all Powderwhores.

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A little windy.


We started hiking as the sun was rising.

The blue skies and new snow we had received were calling our name.

As Noah reached the ridge we noticed it was pretty windy.

This was the goal of the day, but as we looked at it we could tell the wind had got there before us. Still hoping to find some unaffected snow somewhere, we kept hiking.

As we kept on moving so did the wind.

It was howling.

The wind really didn't want us to go any higher when I (Jonah Howell) got a small shallow wind slab to release while I was breaking trail.

We knew we should call it a day when we even got small slopes like this to rip. so we were back to our car by 9am. Damn you wind!

All photos shot by Andy Jacobsen.


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3 Amigos


Back on February 26th Noah Howell, Andy Jacobsen and myself (Jonah Howell) got out for a nice stroll in our backyard.

It was a really cool day with some low clouds and blue skies above them.

Andy skinning up to get the goods.

Noah dropped in first on a really cool line.

Noah hitting the mandatory air in the line.

That’s all the photos we have for the day since Andy decided to get in on the fun and ditch the camera. It’s always a good time when you get out with your close friends.

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