Early Mornings and Close Calls.


Recently the weather here in the Wasatch has been quite interesting. The storms keep rolling through fast and furious. The forecast was calling for a short break in the storms yesterday morning so we took advantage.

We were skinning by 5:30am in hopes to get a lap or two in before the clouds rolled back in.

As the sun came up we could see we had full blue skies.

Forrest Shearer was first to drop.

Good light and good snow make for happy Powderwhores.

Mr. Jason West was up next. He aired in and stomped his landing only to hit a rock that took him down, luckily he was fine.

The clouds were slowly coming in but we still had good light so Forrest went for another.

We have been looking at this line for some time, it was fun to watch Forrest crush it.

Making it look easy.

Forrest with the post run fist pump.

Jason sending down sluff showers.

All of a sudden Jason went down and went for a ride through rocks and trees.

He ended up in the apron without any injuries, he was only missing a ski.

Noah spotted the ski way above Jason. So he skinned up and threw it down to him.

Let's take some time to reflect on how lucky Jason was by looking at this cool photo Andy took.

The clouds finally rolled in and Jason had to head to work. Jason wasn't going to end his day like that so he went for one more lap.

We all held our breath as Jason droped in because we knew if he fell again he would not be a happy camper.

Success! Jason saluting us as he headed to work.

As we drove down the canyon we saw these guys.

They were just off the road chillin as almost every car stopped to take pictures.

A fun way to end an exciting day.


The goats told us you should shop at if you need any gear.


We just got some more pics from our friend Jim Harris who came out and shot photos as well. Check them out.

you can check out more of Jim’s photos here.

Blue Bird


It has really been a long time since we’ve had a full day of blue skies here in the Wasatch. We had received about 10″ of new snow the day before, so we were psyched to get out. The winds have been really strong as well so we knew we’d be lucky to find terrain without wind slabs or wind damage. We decided to head for a zone we felt might be a little more protected from the wind and has some terrain that we have been drooling over for years.

Jason West skinning the ridge.

As Noah and Jason skinned up to the zone we could see the wind had been there and we'd need to pick our lines wisely.

Andy Jacobsen handed the camera to Noah and decided to find his way down this.

He found a way through somehow.

Andy post run letting us know that he had to ride on one ski to get through rocks.

Jason finding a rowdy line as he so often does.

Jason making his way to the apron.

Noah has an interesting way of holding his PB&J.

Noah getting ready to drop into his line as Jason films with his iphone.

Noah jumping in.

Jason airing into his line as well.

Jason nailing the last run of the day.


Noah got a little hurt on his last run when he found a patch of wind scoured snow, so we decided to call it a day. More snow is on the way, so hopefully we’ll be getting after it again shortly.

Andy and Noah took the photos.


There is still plenty of snow out there and more on the way, so get the gear you need to slide down it.

Cardiac Ridge


As the sun rose so did we, on our way to ski cardiac ridge.

Noah Howell and Paul Kimbrough heading to the ridge.

Jason West making the last push to the top.

Jason dropping into a line we call Victoria's secret, because snowboarder Victoria Jealouse crushed the line in a movie awhile ago. Jason had never skied the line, so he was psyched to give it a go.

Jason making it look easy.

Jason safely out and cruising through the apron.

Andy Jacobsen was up next and while on top of the ridge he got a cornice to release unintentionally and it ripped down what Jason just skied leaving only rock.

It ran all the way to the apron. After almost falling down with the cornice Andy was up next and killed the line lookers right of the debris.

Paul was next and chose a line none of us had ever seen skied before.

Paul getting through the pepper and into the apron.

Paul psyched on the day and conditions.

Jason coming out of Thunderstruck.

Paul getting a little air in his next line. We skied almost every possible line on the ridge and then the clouds rolled in so we called it a day. We have probably had at least one line from Cardiac in every one of our movies. It's just one of those zones that calls your name no matter how many times you've done it.

All photos taken by Andy Jacobsen.


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