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It’s pretty crazy here in the Wasatch right now. Not only is the Avalanche danger scary, but we just don’t have all that much snow. I know it’s pretty silly for me to be bitchin when the skiing is actually really fun, but it’s just not the Wasatch that we are used to.

Just a little rocky

I think this was Noah's only run that he didn't tag a rock

Noah on his way to go farm

Guess which turns are ours?

It was a beautiful day!

All photos courtesy of Jay Beyer.

2010 Alpine Meadows Telemark Freeskiing Competition


You are invited to come throw down at the show down! Alpine Meadows will be holding their annual Telemark Freeskiing Competition in a few weeks. Come test your skillz, meet and party with your fellow telewhackers.

There are few things that can compare to the atmosphere and energy of the freeskiing comps. PW actually sprung from the Alpine Meadows Tele Comp in the early 2000′s when I met Andy Jacobsen and Andy Rosenberg. We were all living in the SLC valley and getting into filming, but it took us meeting and competing in California to bring us together. Since then we have made many friends and almost every skier we film with has come from the competition series. These comps really aren’t about who wins, but providing an arena to push yourself, improve  your skills and meet others of a like mind. One of the coolest things is the support and camaraderie between competitors who are giving it there all for basically no $$ and no glory. Must be the love.

When the Andy’s and I were on the circuit there were usually 80-100 competitors. It seems like attendance has dropped off in the past few years and we don’t like to see that happen to such an important event in this small sport. PW has invited all our athlete’s to attend and try and spark some life back into one of the sport’s greatest events. If you have been toying with the idea of competing, Alp Meadows is a great venue to test it out. The terrain isn’t as rowdy and boney as Crested Butte and you don’t have to expend the coin to travel to AK. And as of right now they have a great snowpack.

Confirmed PW Crew and past results-

Megan Michelson-  1st place in Italy, 1st at Crested Butte, 1st in AK, 1st in Alpine Meadows, 2nd in AK

Will Cardamone- 11th at Crested Butte, 3rd Crested Butte, 8th Alpine Meadows, 2nd Crested Butte, 5th in AK

Chris Erickson-  9th place and Sickbird Award, 5th in Alpine Meadows, 8th overall in 2005

Jake Sakson-  1st in Juniors at Crested Butte, 3rd in AK, 4th in Crested Butte, 1st Alpine Meadows

Noah Howell-   10th Brighton, 8th Alpine Meadows, 9th Crested Butte

Paul Kimbrough- 3rd in Ak, 3rd Alpine Meadows, 13th Crested Butte,

Paige Brady- Two 2nd place finishes at Crested Butte, 2nd place Alpine Meadows, 1st place Alyeska

Andy Jacobsen-  Multiple top 5 finishes

Nick DeVore will be competing with the big boys at the Crested Butte Alpine Extremes. Go get em Nick!

To register or gather more info visit Tough Guy Productions. See you at the start gate!



We’ve been whining and complaining about what a dry winter it has been. Last weeks storm changed things dramatically for those of us here in the Wasatch. Extremely dangerous avalanche conditions have existed, but we played it safe in tight mid elevation trees. We are so grateful to finally ski some classic light and fluffy pow and bank some of the deepest footage we’ve ever shot. Here is a little taste!