Alpine Meadows Freeskiing Telemark Comp 2010


We have some really different ideas for next years PW flick. I’m not going to give anything away just yet, but one of the concepts includes covering a telemark freeskiing competition. Alpine Meadows has great venue’s and tends to have good conditions so we decided to rally the PW crew and try to capture it. Jonah could cover this on his own with a little help, so I decided to throw myself back in the ring and compete after a 4 year hiatus. Conditions are still scary as hell here in the Wasatch so it was a good idea to get out of town for one of the greatest competition/parties in this little sport of ours. Here is a little recap and some photo’s that hopefully inspire others to come out next year, or maybe they will just embarrass some from coming back (I hope not).

Paul Kimbrough hitched a ride with us and had a great showing at the comp with a 4th place finish. He skied the most difficult line that nobody else would touch. Some say he deserved to be on the podium, but such are the ways of judged sports like this. Paul K (aka the dread pirate) ready to throw down at the show down.

Mandatory competitor meeting in Tahoe City the night before. The judges go over the guidelines and answer questions.

Megan Michelson’s mother gets the award for best host. Not only did she open up her home for gangs of smelly hippies to invade, she rented out two of the neighbors houses and fed over 30 of the competitors! Thanks Evans!!

The qualifier comprised of a handful or so jr men and jr women, 12 women and 37 men. Judges grade from 1-10 on 5 categories; Line you choose to ski, fluidity, agressiveness, control, form/technique.

The level of competition was stiff and so were the conditions. It hadn’t snowed in weeks and the area had seen really warm temps. The venue was thin and full of exposed rocks. Paul K gets in the zone.

Chris Erickson and William Cardamone took the train in from Aspen to demonstrate their telemark skills.

Some really solid skiing from the day one qualifier set the top men and women apart from the field.

Top 5 men in order-

Paul Kimbrough, J.T. Robinson, Chris Erickson, Ebon Mond, Will Cardamone

Top 3 women in order-

Megan Michelson, Kate Cardamone, Paige Brady

The day of the finals started out nice, but the weather moved in.

There was a final and super final run for the few who made the cut. I fell in a ‘no fall zone’ in the qualifier, so I spent the day filming and drinking with Jonah. We gathered some great footage, but didn’t get too many pics of the skiing action.

And the winner is………

The women’s field ended with Megan Michelson in 1st, Kate Cardamone 2nd and Paige Brady in 3rd.

The fella’s finished up with Chris Erickson as the top dawg, Will Cardamone in 2nd and  J.T. Robinson 3rd.

After all the butterflies and testosterone have been spent, the party begins. Free your heel, free your mind, free your clothing. The following pics speak for themselves.

Yes, it was a bit crazy!

The competition scene never fails to be an amazing gathering of committed individuals from ski towns far and wide. It was nice to catch up with some of the veterans and meet some rippers new to the scene. Looking forward to seeing everybody there next year!

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Paul Kimbrough


We met Paul back in 2007 in Bellingham at a PW07 showing.  His friend at the show told us we should film him, but we get that a lot. We should have listened! Instead, we told him to go compete in the freeski comps and prove himself first. Paul did just that and achieved third place in Alyeska and Alpine Meadows last year. He has been here the past week killin it in the Wasatch and with his hard work he should have a pretty solid segment in next years flick.

Paul likes ‘playfull’ lines which seems to mean plenty of airs.

Sending a 60ft front flip in the backcountry of Brighton!

Paul grew up in SLC so he’s no stranger to the pow.

Early morning slash on Toledo. Watch your sluff!

Continuing the slayage on Cardiac Ridge.

It’s rare to find somebody who has the complete tool bag. Paul can hike all day, safely assess avalanche stability, float styled out airs off a booter he built and nail the big lines. Best of all he’s a very humble team player.

Photos courtesy of Jay Beyer

The Winner!


Thank you to everyone who entered the Grand Raffle. There can only be one winner and here he is.

Matt from Fort Collins

Matt had a Merry Christmas.

Matt is one lucky man. We’d like to thank our great sponsors for providing all the sweet gear.
Black Diamond (skis, bindings, backpack, shovel, probe, poles)
Mountain Hardwear (jacket and pants)
Ortovox (Beacon)