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Camping on Crossen


Another expedition update. They now have all their gear and themselves on top of Crossen. Currently the weather reports are mixed and they are waiting to see if they will get a window to head down to the Foraker Glacier. Noah said Crossen turned out to be much harder then they planned, but they both seem to be in good spirits.

Worst ski run ever


Noah called again yesterday to let me know they’d hauled 100lb. of gear to the top of Crossen. Then they got to ski 5,500 vertical feet of what Dylan said was the worst skiing he’d ever done. They think they found their way to get down to the Foraker Glacier and are thinking Sat. will probably be the day. For now they are hanging out in 70mph winds.

Archangel Update


¬†As I was enjoying dinner at an all you can eat sushi joint last night, I got a call from Noah on his satellite phone. They got their flight in, but were unable to get the fly over to check out Crossen and the Foraker Glacier. They are currently at the base of Crossen hanging out with Andrew McLean and his team. Weather is looking okay enough for them to probably summit Crossen within the next few days. I’ll let you know more when I do.