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There have been many requests for the CYA soundtrack so we’re going to provide it here with links to the artists.

Every bit as important as the images flashing up on the screen are the notes floating through the air. Similar to the variety of segments, we try every year to provide a diverse mix of tunes for our flicks. It’s a fun process and we end up adding a good bit of music to our own libraries even if we can’t license them, or they don’t work in the film. With a limited budget we work with independent bands or small labels. It takes days and days of sifting through shit to find the pearls. We also utilize Incomptech, which is a great site to quickly find and license background music for cheap.

Many thanks go out to the groups and labels willing to work with us. This year we picked up several new artists and we’re really happy with how it all came together.


“Rise Again Instrumental”



Darrell Finlayson-

“Finding the balance”

by Incomptech


“Also Sprach Zarathustra”

by Incomptech



“Everyday World Sample”

by Banks


“The Moon Scene 7″

by Yppah


Provo Bros-

“We Got More”

by Eskmo


“Soul Beat”

by Myka 9


Todd Stuart-

“Home Sweet Home”

by Associated Production Music



“Laid Back Guitares”

by Incomptech


“The Boig”

by Agnostic Mountain Choir



by Mathew Dear


“Fee Fi Fo Fi Fum”

by Mark Boulle and The Haba Dudes



Hugo Harrison & Mathieu Thierault-

“Onwards To The Wall”

by A Place to Bury Strangers


Bob Athey-

“Gold Silver Bronze”

by Jack Pine and the Fire


Noah Howell-

“Music for funeral Home”

by Incomptech


“Top Bunk”

by Gauntlet Hair



Dylan Freed-


by Ki:Theory


Jake Sakson-

“Three Portraits”

by Yppah (featuring Anomie Belle)


“So Far Away”

by A Place To Bury Strangers




by Eskmo


“Ride of the Valkyries”

by Wagner


“Mining by Moonlight”

by Incomptech



PY Leblanc-

“Paper Knife”

by Yppah

Choose Your Adventure


We are very proud to announce the release of our eighth annual ski film “Choose Your Adventure!”

This years movie is such a mixed bag of characters, exotic locations and action that we wanted to get that point across with the title. You really never know what’s coming next in this film. We’re exploring an abandoned mining town in the Arctic, dropping cliffs with Hugo Harrison in British Columbia, plunging into the Antarctic Ocean in speedos, blasting through deep power, catching up with some crusty locals in the Wasatch and more. 

Our interest lies in finding people with real stories and ski objectives. We wanted to tag along and capture their actions and motivation for heading into the mountains. Hoping to make it more of an authentic experience this way. We traveled light and moved fast to avoid interfering with the actual adventures as they unfolded.

Despite the underwhelming winter of 2011-12, in which snowfall reached near record lows and unstable avalanche conditions, we were able to make the most of the conditions at home and abroad, with trips to Cerro Castillo, Chile; La Grave, France; the Antarctic Peninsula; Svalbard, Norway; British Columbia, Canada, and the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

This film features an array of characters from salty backcountry veterans to some of the top skiers and snowboarders, including Chris Davenport, Jake Sakson, Andrew McLean, Seth Wescott, Dylan Freed, Noah Howell, Matt Reardon, Drew Stoecklein, Forrest Coots, Ian Provo, Neil Provo, Chuck Mumford, Darrell Finlayson, Bob Athey, PY Leblanc, Jason Thompson, Todd Stuart and Hugo Harrison.

We could go on and on tooting our own horn about how our finest work came out of the poorest of seasons, but we’ll let the moving images do the job. Behold the official trailer!

YouTube Preview Image


In the end, this is a feature-length ski film that celebrates exotic locations, wild adventures, and the dedicated personalities writing their own stories on snow. We hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed capturing it.

Pre-sales available NOW. Tour schedule available HERE. 

Pray for snow!


Choose Your Adventure Teaser- On A Boat


It’s still a little early for movie trailers, but a short teaser from our Antarctica segment might cool things off a little.

Traveling to exotic locations to film skiing is a legalized form of gambling. Similar to hopping on the fun bus to Wendover and with roughly the same odds of coming home a “winner”. As production companies go, we are not high rollers. More like the old-timer: addicted to the flip of the next card and what fortune it could bring. We make a living putting in the long hours and wrestling good hands away from The House. However, last fall we saw an opportunity and decided to lay down a heavy bet. All in for Antarctica!  Ice Axe Expeditions gave us an incredibly discounted opportunity that we couldn’t pass up. Even still, we had never wagered this much on a single trip.

There are no guarantees, but we needed one anyway. The skiing could be horrible, weather could be worse and a whole slew of other elements could make the trip a bust for filming. We needed to stack the deck in our favor.

Inspiration hit like a Mutha F’ing iceberg in the night. ON A BOAT! (You’ll want to click on that link in case you’re not one of the 70 million viewers that have already seen it.)

That’s right, we were going to parody the parody! So, I packed up a captains hat, some tuxedo shirts and an inflatable dolphin and confidently flew to the end of the earth for a roll of the dice. In the end, we pulled the winning hand on an adventure like no other. Capturing enough great footage for a full segment and a short spoof. Enjoy the teaser for the Antarctica segment in our upcoming film Choose Your Adventure.

YouTube Preview Image

The lack of snow and accumulation of injuries last winter challenged us to get creative. And we honestly believe Choose Your Adventure is our most entertaining movie yet. We’ve got high adrenaline drops, deep face shots, characters in action, and exotic locations.  This years film is a stacked deck.

Check out the tour calendar and Pre-order the DVD and purchase PW gear.

Full trailer coming soon!