Sepia Skinning


It was a beautiful morning in the Wasatch. Maybe I have seen too many Instagram photos but everything seemed to look better in Sepia.

Noah heading up

Walking in a sepia wonderland

The next movie we make just might be called “Sepia”

Even Noah looks better in Sepia

The skiing was a lot of fun. We are psyched to be traveling in the mountains again.

Grand Tour Ends With A Grand Raffle


It was a long and successful tour with Jonah and I racking up almost 10,000 miles and 46 tour stops throughout the West.

Thanks to Powderwhore Nation for coming out to enjoy the flick. From theatre’s to yoga studio’s to ski shops to breweries we packed ’em in.

Whitefish, Montana says hello.

Thanks to our very generous sponsors we get to give some Christmas gifts out early. We just picked the Grand Raffle winners and contacted YOU by email. So check your in box because the following 6 prizes are shipping soon.

#1- From you’ll recieve a $250 gift certificate! They have everything you need online with great customer service and return policies.







#2- Our good friends at Mountain Hardwear have put together a very technical outerwear package to keep you dry and looking good!

#3- Black Diamond Equipement wants to put some new sticks on your feet! Perhaps the award winning Amperage?

#4- Sexy Italian boots will brighten up anyone’s winter season! Thanks to Scarpa you get to choose, tele or AT.





#5- Flylow Gear’s founder will personally style you out with their latest and greatest outerwear!







#6- Your choice of split-board or skis from Voile! Crafting their simple and solid backcountry products in the USA.





Thanks once again for everybody who joined us on tour! We’re out getting the legs and lungs in shape, ordering new camera’s and scheming for the next film.



There have been many requests for the CYA soundtrack so we’re going to provide it here with links to the artists.

Every bit as important as the images flashing up on the screen are the notes floating through the air. Similar to the variety of segments, we try every year to provide a diverse mix of tunes for our flicks. It’s a fun process and we end up adding a good bit of music to our own libraries even if we can’t license them, or they don’t work in the film. With a limited budget we work with independent bands or small labels. It takes days and days of sifting through shit to find the pearls. We also utilize Incomptech, which is a great site to quickly find and license background music for cheap.

Many thanks go out to the groups and labels willing to work with us. This year we picked up several new artists and we’re really happy with how it all came together.


“Rise Again Instrumental”



Darrell Finlayson-

“Finding the balance”

by Incomptech


“Also Sprach Zarathustra”

by Incomptech



“Everyday World Sample”

by Banks


“The Moon Scene 7″

by Yppah


Provo Bros-

“We Got More”

by Eskmo


“Soul Beat”

by Myka 9


Todd Stuart-

“Home Sweet Home”

by Associated Production Music



“Laid Back Guitares”

by Incomptech


“The Boig”

by Agnostic Mountain Choir



by Mathew Dear


“Fee Fi Fo Fi Fum”

by Mark Boulle and The Haba Dudes



Hugo Harrison & Mathieu Thierault-

“Onwards To The Wall”

by A Place to Bury Strangers


Bob Athey-

“Gold Silver Bronze”

by Jack Pine and the Fire


Noah Howell-

“Music for funeral Home”

by Incomptech


“Top Bunk”

by Gauntlet Hair



Dylan Freed-


by Ki:Theory


Jake Sakson-

“Three Portraits”

by Yppah (featuring Anomie Belle)


“So Far Away”

by A Place To Bury Strangers




by Eskmo


“Ride of the Valkyries”

by Wagner


“Mining by Moonlight”

by Incomptech



PY Leblanc-

“Paper Knife”

by Yppah